Veins in the Gulf

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Articles: Chicago Reader: "Mourning the Bayou" by Ed M. Koziarski, June 10, 2010.

One More Mile: A Dialogue On Nation-Building

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George Stoney Review

“The best documentaries, and surely ONE MORE MILE is in that class, speak to larger truths.  As the U.S. launches forth on its next decade of imperialism, we need to be reminded that we are repeating history. The bureaucracy being created by foreign aid workers in Bosnia foreshadows one we are about to create in Iraq…and then, God knows where else?  With clarity and justifiable irony, these filmmakers have presented the well-intentioned internationals, newcomers to this beleaguered country, as they must appear to natives, as 21st century carpetbaggers.  It is the kind of documentary that is likely to seem even more relevant 10 years from now than it does today.”

George Stoney, September 2003